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Connectify transforms your PC into a real Wi-Fi Hotspot You can simply transform your PC into a real-time Wi-Fi hotspot with Connectify. And then you can share your PC’s internet connection as Wi-Fi


Kodi allows you to play and view media smoothly. Kodi is an open source and free software which has been developed by the XBMC Foundation. The software is available for multiple OS an


G-Lock EasyMail is an efficient tool that allows you to send Emails in bulk amount. This is highly useful in marketing and advertising where you have to propagate the description and


Java is one of the most common programming languages being used today for development of applications at various platforms. In order to facilitate the users, Sun Microsystems had laun


HTTrack Website Copier is a free Windows software that creates an identical offline copy of a website. The site that is copied using this software will include all the code, pictures,


CyberGhost VPN is a reliable tool for keeping your internet browsing experience private. It lets you shed off all your worries about security restrictions and lets you visit those web


Enhance Your Web Browsing and Internet use Security with use of the Hotspot Shield Tool . Using the internet subjects you to all sorts of spying and if you want to remain unanimous a


MySQL for Windows is a relational database management system that enables you to store large amount of data in tabular form. Relations are established between various tables to show t


RoboForm is a secure password management application for saving all your passwords and auto filling forms while browsing internet. It was developed by Siber Systems to help users save lot of precious


Mozilla Thunderbird 45 is developed by Mozilla Corporation in order to facilitate internet users to handle their Emails, chats, event calendars and Newsgroups via single desktop appli


Google Earth 2017 is the product of Google Inc. that was initially named as EarthViewer3D. Different versions of this app have been developed for working in an efficient way on Web br


BlueSoleil is a product by IVT Corporation that enables users to transfer data via Bluetooth service. It is an advanced Bluetooth driver that can efficiently work with computers, lapt


Stellarium gives you a clear view of night time sky by using OpenGL as its basis. The idea of developing the planetarium software had popped up into the mind of Fabien Chereau who had


Microsoft Corporation is a well-known company that develops and sells licensed products. The goal of this organization is to create those software and applications that will make the work of developer