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Google Duo 54.0

Google Duo 54.0

google - 135MB - comments
Launched in 2016 May, Google Duo is a video chat software by Google Inc. The app was later released to the world in August of the same year. The software which was made for smartphones can be accessed from a pc through Google’s Chrome browser. It uses the phone's contact for a call selection. Google Duo is compatible with both Android and iOS. The software allows both the Android and iOS smartphones users to connect and video chat without any limitations. In case you don’t want to use the video call, the app allows you to just audio call instead. The app allows you to see the person calling you before you answer. There is no question on the privacy and security of the users as the calls are end-to-end encrypted to protect the users. The app uses mobile data to connect but it can switch back and forth to WiFi connection very easily. The high-quality video call allows for up to 720p HD video transmission.
Update : 05-19-2019 | Category : Internet
System : Android | Language : English | Downloads : 565

PotPlayer 1.7.18587 Beta/ 1.7.18346.0
PotPlayer is a high-quality multimedia player software for pc. It is capable of supporting both audio and video formats of media. The interface is simple and easy to use either when selecting a new media to play or rewinding a currently playing media. Even though streaming videos are becoming more popular, it’s a good alternative for viewing videos offline from the local disks. The media player is capable of playing a number of codecs and formats such as Mp4, Mp3, large MKV files, AVI, MOV and other different kinds of formats. You not only have to view Medias on your computer as PotPlayer can support webcams, live broadcasting, digital TV, DXVA and more. For better performance, you can optimize it from the settings. This software can take a snapshot of the screen and save it as a JPEG file. Potplayer is excellent for Blu-ray subtitles and XSUB subtitles and the playback speed is admirable. You can download the suitable format of the software, either 32bits or 64bits for Windows Operating System
Update : 05-19-2019 | Category : Video Players
System : Windows | Language : English | Downloads : 1006

Avant Browser 2019 Build 2
Avant Web Browser gives you an ad free internet experience by using built-in ad blocker. It does not own a very attractive or colorful interface but it is very much user friendly and contains various options. You can create your profile and access it from any system. It has a built-in ATOM reader and lets you open a large number of tabs and windows for using them simultaneously. It is a safe browser that ensures the privacy of your internet browsing.It is a fast speed browser that can work efficiently with low resources. It uses three built-in rendering engines named Trident, Gecko and Webkit for better graphics. It can support various download managers, RSS readers, plugins and add-ons for additional functionalities.
Update : 05-19-2019 | Category : Internet
System : Windows | Language : English | Downloads : 629

Adobe Acrobat Pro DC 2019.012.20034 Update
Adobe Acrobat Pro DC is an application for manipulating PDF documents. It can create, edit, sign, protect, merge, and convert PDF files. The application also uses optical character recognition to create PDFs from scanned files. Acrobat Pro possesses a number of unique features not found in other PDF editors. For instance, it can: - Ability to find the difference between two copies of one document. - Edit page numbering so that it matches the page numbering of a scanned document - Create a new font from the font in a scanned document. With this feature, users can preserve and use the original font of the document even if they don't have this font installed on their systems. The application uses the software as a service model. Subscription to Adobe Acrobat Pro grants access to Adobe Document Cloud, which allows multiple people to work with documents from multiple devices. But the cost of the subscription might be prohibitive for many potential users. The application is available for Windows and macOS. And the license for Acrobat Pro also enables advanced editing features in Adobe Acrobat Reader on mobile operating systems.
Update : 05-19-2019 | Category : Office
System : Windows | Language : English | Downloads : 5426

Advanced SystemCare PRO
More than often computers get threats more times than we can imagine. Some of them don't seem like they affect the computer but they do. Advanced SystemCare has been designed to deal with threats to the computer and the personal data in it. The software has a number of features that are designed to ensuring your computer's optimum performance. The software cleans up any junk file and duplicates data to free up space on the disk. If the computer speed has been down, the software optimizes the pc to enhance speed. Internet speed is enhanced through optimization of the web browser. To any cyber-related threat, the software detects and blocks any malware that can bring ham to your computer. No one can remotely access your personal data. The is Advanced SystemCare is free to download but has more improved features in the purchase version. The pro version allows more features such as cleaning up registries and other amazing feature.
Update : 05-18-2019 | Category : Utilities
System : Windows | Language : English | Downloads : 1622

Audacity 2.3.2 Stable

Audacity 2.3.2 Stable

audacityteam - 19.3MB - comments
For those of you who are looking for an audio recording and editing software, then look no further, as Audacity is up there with the best in the business. As with all software though, there are going to be cons, as well as pros, so we will look at both to help you decide if Audacity is for you. The biggest pro for Audacity has to be the fact that this software is completely free, while also being very powerful, making it perfect for your audio recording and editing needs. It is easy to use and has some fantastic editing tools for you to take advantage of and enjoy. The cons for Audacity would probably have to be the fact that the interface does look a bit old and in need of an update. There have also been complaints about issues with startup time and the software crashing. But these seem quite insignificant when you look at the pros. Verdict: If you are looking to record and edit audio, then you could do a lot worse than the free Audacity software.
Update : 05-19-2019 | Category : Multimedia
System : Windows | Language : English | Downloads : 4895

Microsoft Edge Dev
Microsoft Edge is a web browser first released in 2015. It is based on the EdgeHTML and Chakra engines, but Microsoft set out to transition the browser to the Chromium's Blink engine by the Q3, 2019. Currently, the browser is available on Windows 10, Xbox One, and the major mobile operating systems. Microsoft tries to integrate Edge with the rest of their operating system. Windows defender protects you from malicious sites when you browse the web. And the virtual assistant Cortana is embedded into the browser. Edge could also be considered a full-featured eBook reader. You can read, bookmark, and annotate your local EPUBs and PDFs in the browser. Edge natively integrates some features that in other browsers available only with extensions. This includes the ability to set aside browsing sessions (snooze tabs), clean reading mode, reading list, and the ability to take notes on the web pages you visit. On the bad side, the browser doesn't have a lot of extensions available for it. Privacy might be another problem for Microsoft Edge users. A lot of the browser's features require users' data, and Microsoft is notorious for spying on its users.
Update : 05-19-2019 | Category : Internet
System : Android | Language : English | Downloads : 567

Avira Free Antivirus 2019 15.0.1905.1271
Avira Free Antivirus is secure and easy to use software that protects your devices from malware attacks. The software is made to be very reliable with its main features being to protect your data from malware attack and enhance the privacy of on the same. The software can run sullenly in the background without interfering with whatever you are doing and notify you in case of any threat. With Avira Free Antivirus, any harmful websites and browser tracker are blocked immediately. No harm can come to your device as the software auto-scans your devices regularly according to the settings. You can also scan your computer anytime within no time by just one click. The Avira Free Antivirus is available for download for different devices such as windows, mac, and even smartphones. The download is free and gives you access to several basic features. Some features are only available on premium which means you have to pay to access all the features.
Update : 05-18-2019 | Category : Antivirus & Security
System : Windows | Language : English | Downloads : 833

IObit Uninstaller
Get rid of all unwanted programs and apps in your computer with the IObit Uninstaller software developed by IObit Inc. This software is compatible with all Windows Os versions and can perform a thorough clean up of unwanted and even malicious files in the computer. As you know, when you delete files or uninstall a program on Windows, for some reason, little patches of these deleted files or uninstalled programs still hang around within the disk drive, these patches still make use of disk space and other system resources, although these little useless file fragments may not cause any harm or pose any security threat to your computer, but over time, different fragments could accumulate significantly and can negatively affect system performance, that’s when IObit Uninstaller comes in handy. Some malicious programs can create tabs and alter your web browser’s security and privacy settings, leaving you at risk of having your sensitive information falling into the wrong hands, IObit Uninstaller can help you detect such programs and get them completely removed from your computer.
Update : 05-18-2019 | Category : Utilities
System : Windows | Language : English | Downloads : 1130

uTorrent 3.5.5 Build 45231 Stable
uTorrent is a freeware BitTorrent client. It was first released in 2005, and it is actively developed to this day. The new torrent client was created to provide a lightweight alternative to bloated applications of the time. Reviewers praised it for its small memory usage. The torrent client is owned by BitTorrent Inc., which acquired it in 2006. On the good side, it has a very comprehensive feature set. But the torrent client suffers from questionable advertising practices of its parent company and from poor security. BitTorrent Inc. bundles adware into the uTorrent's installer and tries to trick users into installing it. In March 2015, the torrent client used to run a cryptocurrency miner on its users devices. It also suffers from serious security vulnerabilities that may allow hackers to steal users' private information. The torrent client has a paid version called uTorrent Pro. The paid features include an embedded antivirus, the ability to stream media files, and ads-free experience. Currently, uTorrent is the most widely used BitTorrent client outside of China. It is available for Windows, macOS, and Android. uTorrent Server is also available for Linux.
Update : 05-18-2019 | Category : Internet
System : Android | Language : English | Downloads : 1535