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ActivePresenter is well-known screencasting application that allows users to capture real-time video of system screen in high quality. These videos can be edited and converted into full length tutorials, guides and presentations. Despite the wide range of features, it is not very heavy tool and does not slow down the speed of PC.

Software details

mac / Windows 10 / Windows 7 / Windows 8

Software description

ActivePresenter 2018 is a Windows based application suitable for creating eLearning content, professional presentations, interactive quizzes, apps demonstration and detailed tutorials. It provides various options within a user friendly interface through which you can capture screen video along with voice. The software was developed by Atomi Systems and was launched in 2009. It is a multilingual tool which is available in many languages for ease of users. It can be used for free by home users, but a watermark appears on the captured videos. In order to remove this watermark, you must switch to paid versions.

ActivePresenter by ATOMI is one of the best all-in-one screen recording and eLearning Authoring software. It’s stylistically designed user interface not only make it fun to use but extremely easy as well. Use the built-in features such as screen recording, eLearning games and software guides to create an authoritative eLearning course.

Use smart capture to make it easier for students to understand what the steps are in the process, record audio as well as video, make full use of the audio video editing feature before you export your videos online. ActivePresenter also enables greenscreen effect if you really want to go wild with your presentation. Using the mobile responsiveness feature enabled in ActivePresenter, prepare mobile ready eLearning solutions for your students.

Once you have the final product you can export it to HTML5 which can run on most modern web browsers. ActivePresenter is a must-have tool for any individual keen on developing eLearning resources or for anyone who needs an excellent screen recorder and editing tools. Definitely recommended.

Video Capture:

ActivePresenter enables you to capture videos for different projects. You can record full motion video of software simulation to create proper tutorials. You can record movies in high quality that are currently running on your PC. These videos can be uploaded on internet, shared with friends and live streamed online. You can use smart capture feature to create slideshows and presentations for professional use. Auto full motion recording can be enabled or disabled as per the content requirement.

Video Editing:

Once a video is recorded, you can modify various properties to improve its quality. You can trim parts of video, apply loops, work on the basis of ranges, split slides, split objects, join objects, edit playback speed and can insert captions in slides. Furthermore, the properties of captured video can be adjusted according to your preferences. You can specify aspect ratio, apply effects and animations, set duration, use special effects on cursor, improve accessibility and choose mode of video. A separate background image can be added that matches with the theme of video and script can be inserted that runs on occurrence of particular events.

Project Settings:

Before starting to capture a project, it is recommended to check settings so it can satisfy your requirements. User interacts with system through its user interface. Different fields and events can be handled to improve this interaction. User can specify different settings for events of mouse click, mouse hover and key stroke as well as for form fields including text box, button, question, drop area, radio button, checkbox and question text box. Under the tab named Annotations, the appearance of every object can be chosen easily.

Other Features:

The distinguishing quality of ActivePresenter software is the convenience factor that helps users to easily understand its behavior. You can create educational quizzes for your students and define the next stages on the basis of their answers or responses. ELearning games can be made to improve learning skills of children. You can develop detailed tutorials for customers to explain the working of your software products and assist them with video guides. Either you can embed background music or your own voice to explain the features.


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