Microsoft OneDrive 19.070.0410.0005

Microsoft OneDrive 19.070.0410.0005

Microsoft OneDrive is an internet hosting service developed by Microsoft Company used to provide cloud storage and synchronization services. It allows users to store all their files such as computer settings for Windows PC’s, recovery keys and access them virtually from any part of the world or BitLocker. OneDrive works just like an external hard drive, but it is available online.

Since it’s on the internet, Microsoft OneDrive comes with impressive features such as the ability to share files worldwide, and sync data across devices running MacOS, Windows OS, Xbox 360, Android phones, and IOS. Users can also upload their pictures and documents to OneDrive as a backup. It offers customers with a 5GB free of storage, but also provides 50GB, 1TB, and 5TB which comes at a subscription fee.

Microsoft OneDrive supports viewing of different document formats such as PDF, ODT (Open Document Format), and XML. It also comes with an online text editor that supports several programming languages like C#, Visual Basic, JavaScript, CSS, HTML, XML, PHP, and many more. The text editor comes with pre-installed features such as syntax highlighting, find and replace, and code completion.

Software details

2019 19.070.0410.0005
Android / mac / Windows 10 / Windows 7 / Windows 8
Microsoft OneDrive 19.070.0410.0005
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