Google Duo

Launched in 2016 May, Google Duo is a video chat software by Google Inc. The app was later released to the world in August of the same year.

Software details

Android / iphone

Software description

The software which was made for smartphones can be accessed from a pc through Google’s Chrome browser. It uses the phone’s contact for a call selection.

Google Duo is compatible with both Android and iOS. The software allows both the Android and iOS smartphones users to connect and video chat without any limitations. In case you don’t want to use the video call, the app allows you to just audio call instead. The app allows you to see the person calling you before you answer. There is no question on the privacy and security of the users as the calls are end-to-end encrypted to protect the users.

The app uses mobile data to connect but it can switch back and forth to WiFi connection very easily. The high-quality video call allows for up to 720p HD video transmission.


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