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novaPDF is a remarkable addition to computer applications that simplifies the process of PDF creation. You can input almost any type of document due to its flexibility. It provides add-ins for MS Office applications to speed up processing. It offers free support to all customers regardless of their active plan.

Software details

Windows 10 / Windows 8

Software description

novaPDF is a virtual printer through which you can create PDF documents. It is a proprietary tool offered by Softland whose free trial can be evaluated for free. You can convert any document to PDF to retain its format and to access it with ease. It is a multilingual tool available in more than 15 languages. It is still under incremental development phase for enhancement of capabilities. It is available in three versions: Lite, Standard and Professional for different users.

PDF Creation:

The software helps you create PDF in a flexible manner. You can either do so from its interface or directly create PDF files from Microsoft Office and any other printable application. You can choose a virtual printer and manage profile. You can also specify your preferences. Once you have chosen the file after searching system memory, you can efficiently convert it into a PDF document. You can visit help section to understand its functionalities.

Document Merger:

novaPDF is the ultimate solution to merge multiple PDF documents. You can add as many files and folders to software context as you want. It performs batch processing to process all files simultaneously. Either you can merge all chosen files in same document or create separate PDF for each file. You can adjust position of each object to ensure that the pages are in required sequence. You can save the list of selected files as a text document for later use.

Profile Manager:

The software allows you to maintain profiles to easily convert documents with desired settings. Under General tab you can specify file saving options. Emails section lets you send PDF as an attachment. Document tab modifies its metadata, while Fonts and Graphics tabs deal with its outlook. You can bookmark important documents and implement security codes. You can adjust other aspects too such as insertion of watermark, overlays and signatures. You can maintain multiple profiles with secure passwords.


novaPDF allows users to adjust its performance as per their preferences. You can get output document in portrait or landscape mode. It supports all page sizes and lets you specify custom sizes too. You can get any number of copies between 1 and 9999. You can specify its graphics in terms of resolution and scale. You can use default settings for output or choose any of your pre-defined profiles.


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