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Readiris Pro is a professional application which is compatible with all common models of scanners. You can add documents or images, edit them and store the resulting file in any format. Its compact interface enables both beginners and professional users to operate its functionalities in a simple way.

Software details

mac / Windows 10 / Windows 7 / Windows 8

Software description

Readiris 17 is an Optical Character Recognition application that can read content from PDF files, digital documents, and images. Though the read data is not 100% accurate; however, the accuracy rate is quite high. It is a Windows-based desktop application and is compatible with Windows 7, 8 and 10 versions and Mac os. Another specialized edition of the software is also available for Mac users. It is a multilingual tool hence it offers support for documents of various worldwide languages.

Loading Documents:
The software can process multiple types of documents. You can scan paper documents with the help of a compatible scanner, load images from a digital camera or use a file already present in system memory. The documents can be in formats of TIF, BMP, PCX, DCX, PNG, JPG, PDF, J2C, JP2, DJV, and DJVU.

  • Convert to Excel / Word / PDF / Audio files / eBook / etc.
  • Automatically recreate complex layouts
  • Powerful table recognition
  • Over 130 supported languages
  • Advanced document editing tools
  • Create your own eBooks
  • Convert documents to audio files

Page Manipulation:
Readiris Pro divides the content into pages as depicted in the original document. At the same time, it allows you to adjust page configuration so the data and sequence of pages can be customized based on your requirement. You can delete blank pages, include all pages or exclude all pages through Page tools. If particular pages are not straight, you can Deskew or rotate them. 3D Correction corrects image errors, whereas Adjust Image option lets you adjust its brightness, contrast, Despeckle ratio and color settings. Once the settings are applied, you can save images or take a printout of any page.

Output Files:
When saving the file as a Text document, you can enable Unicode support. The software also facilitates you to save and share a file via Dropbox, Email, SharePoint, Google Drive, OneDrive, Box or Evernote.

There are many tools present in Readiris Pro that let you carry out many operations in PDF documents. You can create high-quality eBooks with the help of images from paper books and can preserve their backup under cloud storage service.


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