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TurboFTP is an intuitive application for transfer of files by using FTP and SFTP protocols for secure data sharing. It can easily perform required operations even in the presence of Firewall and proxy servers. It is capable of transporting large files and folders between virtual host and local computer.

Software details

Windows 10 / Windows 7 / Windows 8

Software description

TurboFTP is a handy tool that makes the process of transferring files much easier and faster for its users. It allows you to readily connect your PC to a port or server and upload or download files that may be of importance for you. Whether you need to share official documents with your colleagues at work or wish to exchange pictures and music with your friends, everything is now possible due to the outstanding features of this useful software. It transfers data at turbo speed by using multiple techniques and ensures that your shared data has reached the specified destination safely, away from the clutches of hackers.

Connection Wizard:
The first step in performing file share is to establish a reliable connection between server and local system. This target can be achieved with the help of FTP Connection Wizard. You need to enter the site name and can optionally add a description about its purpose. In the next window, enter FTP site address and the port dedicated for this particular site. Choosing the right connection type is necessary as it determines the type of encryption that needs to be performed on each file that will be shared later. User ID and password prohibit the access by unauthorized users. Now you can connect your PC to network.

User Interface:
TurboFTP has quite a traditional interface that is filled with various options. In Address Book, you can store all the FTP sites that are used often and can access them via menu. Through main menu button, you can perform multiple operations under the categories of Archives, Cryptography, Games, Hardware, Linux, Online Services and many more. The software window displays all the directories and folders of your local system. You can choose its layout from Details and List Views. When carrying out any task, you can use Filter option to include or exclude files with specified extensions.

Other Features:
The menu bar of TurboFTP is equipped with many options and most of them can be accessed via shortcut keys. You can open address book, connect to new site, restore lost connection, save the site and modify its settings. You can select Transfer type of either ASCII or Binary and begin or abort file transfers. SSH protocol and SSL certificate can be verified for security purpose. The software layout can be customized by choosing suitable icon size and visibility of toolbars.

You can easily manage directories of both your system as well as remote server. Transfer Queue contains the files that need to be shared and can be managed for timely operations. Furthermore, you can compress or decompress shared files, schedule tasks and their synchronization, receive Email notifications and can visit Help section to find solutions of issues you may face.


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