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USBDeview is a simple to use tool that gives access to USB devices and comprehensive product information. The unique interface makes it easy for new users to understand its operations and access them in no time.

Software details

Windows 10 / Windows 7 / Windows 8

Software description

USBDeview is a useful solution to keep track of every USB device that you have connected at least once with your computer. It displays the names of devices along with their whole description that can describe the nature of device. It is a small yet very useful application that helps you keep track of external devices that are either currently connected or were connected in the past with your computer. This list can be of help under certain circumstances where you need to access the information about connected input, output or USB devices. Furthermore, you can disconnect attached devices safely.

How to Use:
Using USBDeview is not difficult at all. For using the software on your PC, you need to download it via internet. It is available as a ZIP folder. Once it is downloaded, you can extract the files with any unzip tool such as WinZip. Since it is a portable application therefore you need not to install any setup file. All you need to do for executing the software on your PC is to click open its EXE file. The application window will open up where the list of ports and connected devices will be present and you can easily perform desired tasks.

USBDeview has a simple user interface. It has a single screen which helps users access all the device operations in a short time. On the screen you can view the list of USB devices. These devices can be of varied types such as Mobile phones, input or output devices, video or audio devices, USB storage media, Bluetooth dongle, Android devices, cameras and many more. There are columns reserved for displaying information of these devices. You can quickly get information about device type, connected, safe to unplug, disabled, date of creation, port or hub, capabilities and driver through these columns.

Menu and Options:
The menu bar of USBDeview has many options. Through file menu you can disconnect, uninstall, enable or disable USB devices. You can also open devices to perform required tasks and view detailed properties of each device. Edit menu allows you to find devices and copy device data. View menu manages the layout of software by changing size of columns or rows, enabling or disabling toolbars and HTML reports selection. Option menu lets you decode serial numbers, limit number of devices and choose USB device settings. If you cannot understand any specific features then Help menu can always help you out.

The major benefit of USBDeview is its portability. You can use it on any system without installation. You can not only view detailed description of currently connected USB devices but also about those that were connected to PC long time ago. This description can be exported as HTML document. Moreover, the GUI of software can easily be customized as per your preferences.


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