VirtualDJ Download

VirtualDJ is a professional platform that enables DJs to play music on their computer systems. It offers all types of effects, loops and mixes that are required for playing digital music at clubs in high quality.

Software details

mac / Windows 10 / Windows 7 / Windows 8

Software description

It is an audio and video mixing application that was developed by Atomix Productions in 2003 and its latest version has been released recently with added functionalities. It is one of the most popular digital music playing software that is preferred by a lot of home users as well as by professional DJs and music artists.

The flexibility in the design and features of VirtualDJ makes it suitable for all types of users and can be installed as per your ease. It offers three modes of software during installation and users can choose the option that is suitable for them. Typical setup installs most common program features, Custom setup allows users to choose each component that they want to be installed and Complete setup installs each and every software component, therefore it needs a lot of disk space.

Easy Browsing:
The software enables users to quickly find the music by properly displaying all the drives and folders present in your system. You can expand each drive and folder to go to the music files and then play them with efficiency. It lets you create and maintain your playlists for keeping your most played songs at one place and then play them with desired sequence. You can also drag and drop music files for playing them right away.

Other Features:
VirtualDJ lets you slow down or fast forward the speed of music play. You can adjust the volume, change beats, use limiter, view remaining or elapsed time, sync music, set cue point, adjust gain, apply filters to search music on the basis of beats per minute or key, and can play more than one song at a time. It can perform scratching and audio or video mixing. You can create remixes of songs and can record music from live performances. You can apply the effects of echo, beatgrid, loop-roll, slicer and many more.

Adjustable Settings:
VirtualDJ lets you customize its settings for interface, audio, controllers, miscellaneous options, license, broadcast, recording and remote connection. You can choose external source of audio, output resource and soundcards. The graphical interface can be chosen on the basis of number of decks. You can manually set keyboard shortcuts for using all its features quickly with more convenience. You can enter key code of the license you have purchased and broadcast your music to other PCs, podcasts or radio.

The supported operating systems include XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 and 10 versions of Microsoft Windows and Leopard, Snow Leopard and Lion versions of Mac OS X. It can be installed in multiple languages.

There are three types of license that can be purchased from official website of VirtualDJ. Its Pro Subscriber version costs $19 per month, Pro Infinity license is available at $299 for lifetime, whereas the license of Plus Controller can be bought by paying individually for each selected controller.


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