Abrosoft FantaMorph Pro 5.4.8

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License freeware
File Size (MB) 7.15 MB
Version 5.4.8
Date Released 22 February، 2017 1:48 am
Operating System Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
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Abrosoft FantaMorph is used to display transformation of objects in the form of slideshow. Basically it is a morphing and warping tool that adds sophisticated animation effects such that it is felt like image is actually transforming into another one. It is a shareware licensed application introduced by Abrosoft Co. for Windows and Mac OS X. It is multilingual software with built-in support for more than 25 languages. It is available in three different versions, namely Standard, Professional and Deluxe, to accommodate the requirements of different users. It is a user friendly tool with variety of options for professional users.


Abrosoft FantaMorph applies seamless transition effects by making use of multiple tools. Preview test can be carried out to diagnose morphing capacity of system, while performance result of this test implies whether your system is capable of supporting hardware acceleration or not. Its skin style and color can be customized by configuration application. Via tool menu, you can visit edit options to edit theme and color scheme for many objects. You can also activate hardware acceleration, loop automation and filter effects. Adjustment of frames, preview speed, image size and info auto recovery is also possible with edit options.


Movie Properties:
Abrosoft FantaMorph allows you to adjust various aspects of slideshow or movie that you are creating. You can create GIF, AVI or Flash movies through this software and can set play duration for each frame in these projects. The size of movie can be chosen from pre-defined options or can be customized as per the device screen size on which you intend to play it. Morph options allow you to apply effects and use triangles for emphasis on particular images. Furthermore, crop and adjust functions help you improve quality of pictures. Once you are satisfied with settings, you can save project or export images.


Abrosoft FantaMorph offers drag and drop function for quickly inserting pictures. It is capable of efficiently identifying face and facial features in an image. You can later use these facial features to create a new virtual face by customizing them. In order to manually define the areas for implementation of animation effects, you can use green colored dots for pointing out the areas.


Supported Formats:
The software supports a large number of file formats. It enables you to import AVI, WMF, EMF, GIF, PNG, TIFF and many other file types. The edited images can be exported as TGA, GIF, PNG, JPEG, BMP and PCX, whereas final movies can be saved as AVI, GIF, SWF, Screen Saver, EXE, HTML and QuickTime movies. However, if you wish to import or export separate frames, then you must use either FME or FMD extensions.


Abrosoft FantaMorph is an advanced utility for creating slideshows with complex animations. Multiple images can be added in one movie and warp or morph options can be applied to show animation. It simplifies the process for beginners with wizards and tutorials for every step. It is a suitable option for creating high quality morphing images and movies with minimal efforts.



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