Aimersoft DVD Copy for Mac

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License shareware
File Size (MB) 6.2 MB
Version Mac ersion
Date Released 14 March، 2017 10:31 pm
Operating System Mac OS X
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Aimersoft DVD Copy For Mac is a user friendly Mac application that enables users to copy content from DVD discs to system memory. It can be used when you have purchased DVD music and want to transfer songs to your computer for enjoying whenever you want. It can also be used when you want to copy data such as documents, pictures and videos from DVD of your friend. The content can be copied as ISO file or a DVD folder where every included file will be present. It is capable of handling large amount of data and performs file transfer operation in a very short time period.


Data Copy:
Copying any content from DVD to PC can be carried out in minimal steps. The user interface of Aimersoft DVD Copy is compact with all the necessary options present on a single screen. Before starting the process, make sure that DVD is properly inserted into disc drive. After that you can select the required DVD disc via Source menu. Target folder lets you decide whether the copied data should be saved as ISO image or folder. You can copy data as DVD-5 and DVD-9 types. Disc label is extracted from disc information, while video size of DVD can be seen on home screen in graphical form.


Copy Modes:
Aimersoft DVD Copy offers the facility of either copying particular files from DVD or duplicating all of it on system hard disk. For this purpose, you can pick Copy Mode when attempting to copy movie, music, images or documents from disc. Full Movie mode copies whole disc to PC. Main Movie with Menu, Main Movie without Menu and Custom modes allow you to specify portions of whole disc that you want to copy. It is a secure method for creating backup of your DVD so that you won’t lose important files even if the optical disc is misplaced.


Disc Burn:
Aimersoft DVD Copy software is not only capable of copying data from discs, but can also burn DVDs with desired data by creating their DVD folder or ISO image file. The function can be performed by choosing any file or folder from system memory as source and ISO image as target via system homepage. After that Start button can be clicked to carry out the task.


Other Options:
It is a licensed tool with free trial valid for 3 times. Once the license is purchased, you can get registered with active Email address and registration code. With this purchase, you will be authorized to receive unlimited updates. Availability of updates can be checked automatically after user specified time intervals. You can select whether updates should be checked and downloaded every day, week, month or never. Furthermore, a temporary directory should also be indicated where processed files can be stored.


Aimersoft DVD Copy Mac is an efficient application that does not slow down the speed of your PC due to low resource consumption. It can be installed very quickly and occupies small memory space. Now you can copy data from discs and burn DVDs with ISO images effortlessly.



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