CCEnhancer 4.4.2

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License freeware
File Size (MB) 0.27 MB
Version 4.4.2
Date Released 19 March، 2017 6:44 pm
Operating System Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
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CCEnhancer is a plugin that improves the capabilities of CCleaner, providing support for the cleaning of unnecessary tracks of over 500 programs. Requires no installation and is an excellent solution to increase the effectiveness of CCleaner by integrating new filters for applications before unknown and therefore not optimized.


• Know the software
CCEnhancer allows the CCleaner to recognize more than 500 programs and then optimize and clean junk files using Ccleaner. This software is very good free application that is worth trying. CCEnhancer (formerly Ccleaner Enhancer) multiplies the capacity of CCleaner by offering not less than 270 additional detection rules. CCleaner optimizes the performance of your PC, providing you with quick and easy tools to clean up your registry, remove cookies, browsing histories and all other unnecessary elements that clutter your machine and the slowdown. CCleaner Enhancer adds particular applications in the list of software to clean. For users of the portable version of Ccleaner, simply go into the Extras menu to find the compatible extension.


• How it works?
CCEnhancer is an application with which we will have the opportunity to quickly improve the efficiency of CCleaner. This utility takes care by adding the cleaner compatibility with hundreds of programs, like browsers or mail clients, leave a lot of junk files on your computer, and then end up slowing our PC. If you want to improve the performance of CCleaner with a couple of clicks, download CCEnhancer. The operation of this utility is very simple, because we just need to install the plug-in and change the program files then you can restart the program and take advantage of the new properties.



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