CyberLink PowerDVD 17.0.1523.60

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License shareware
File Size (MB) 166 MB
Version 17.0.1523.60
Date Released 12 April، 2017 5:17 am
Operating System Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10,
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Many people are presumptuous about Cyberlink PowerDVD just by reading or hearing its name. They think that the player is an archaic model, and that it is rooted to history. On the contrary, the media player is innovated and has a library manager that has the capabilities of more than just disc playback. The player has features like true theatre making it different form the rest of media players. The capability to media browsing, customizable media playback and roping of all media devices to one experience gives it the exquisite media player character. Installing the media player is just standard and it requires a disk space of 360MB, the player aids in arranging the media files by adding all the systems default my videos and my pictures to its folders. This will arrange all the media in the computer with easy accessibility and display of videos in the unique way.

PowerDVD 17 is a comprehensive and powerful media player that has the capability of handling a wide range of content from Bluray music to movie files. The player has additional formats added to it hence, it can support other video or music formats with high quality sound and visuals.


Performance and playback
Cyberlink PowerDVD 17 copes up with any files from AVI, MPG, DIV or MOV on top of it has a faster processing speed than most media players. Once it is installed, the player scans for files in the computer and adds it to the relevant category that is pictures, music, and videos. Truetheatre technology allows the player to deliver high quality HD display by enhancing the color, sharpness and lighting to something that was already in high definition. The visibility of Bluray discs has improved viewing and the ability to view dual content on the screen gives it outstanding performance. The audio is enhanced mostly for APE files, which were earlier, unsupported. The player can be minimized to allow the user to complete other tasks while listening to music. You can also see the album art if necessary as the player has the capability to pick up the album art from the music. The new media player has been improved to 3D and 4K video support systems with social media functionality and 7.1 surround audio compatibility.


User interface
The new improved user interface makes file accessibility easier and all the media can be found quickly with the option of adjusting the media to a more intuitive manner. The software has capabilities cannot be compared to any other player with rotating videos and images , resumes to file based videos and movies as well as the ability to correct the orientation where necessary. When you want, a movie or a video to pick from where you left it is vital to press stop rather than pause, since when pause is pressed it will pick it from the top. The playback option has undergone tremendous improvements, with the addition of more in-depth control systems that allows easy use of the control panel while watching content. The navigation panel pops up when fast forward or rewind is pressed and it allows the user to enjoy up to x32 fast forward and x16 rewind. The player also comes with the capability of jumping to a specific part of the video, movie or audio files; this is made possible by hovering over the navigational bar while seeing the content then you can click where you feel you wanted.


Cyberlink PowerDVD has the customizable option that allows the user to do exactly what they want while maintaining the media quality. One can assign hot keys like the mouse roll for example, you can assign it for volume or skip playback. On top of it when you need to browse content online, the player has YouTube, Facebook and twitter links on its web link. Hence, as a user you can enjoy your videos in HD and with excellent sound quality. The player has all bases of music support and with existing DLNA, the theatre experience is amazing.


In summary Cyberlink PowerDVD has, what many people are seeking in a media player form media collator, social media connectivity, customizable panel, video up scaling, improved sound clarity and the improved playback capabilities.


What’s New in CyberLink PowerDVD:
• NEW TV Mode – Bring the Movies Home!.
• The Best Option to Watch Movies on Your PC.
• Media Casting to Big Screen.
• Enhanced Playback of 4K and High Frame Rate Video.
• Better-Than-Original Quality.
• Cinema Quality Audio Playback.
• The Most Comprehensive Format Support.
• Pick Up Where You Left Off.




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