Deep Freeze

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License freeware
File Size (MB) 45.6 MB
Date Released 20 March، 2017 1:37 pm
Operating System Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
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Deep Freeze is a standard solution that can be used by a single user as well as in an organization. It ensures that different resources stay protected and can be accessed easily by all users. It also acts as a restore and backup software that protects the integrity of operating system. The drives or resources can be frozen by network administrators for protection purpose. Whenever any changes are made, they stay valid only until the system is running and are revoked to previous state as soon as power is turned off. The software is compatible with Mac OS X and Windows operating system.


Installation of the software is made easy with Deep Freeze Installer. On executing the software setup you need to accept the terms of license agreement. Then you can enter License Key or enable evaluation. After that the window will open where you can choose the drives or resources that should be frozen. It is to be kept in mind that the drive with system files is frozen by default; however, you can choose whether other drives have to be frozen or thawed. Once the drives are selected, the system will be restarted and changes will be applied.


Boot Control:
Deep Freeze can manage boot operations. You can decide the status for next boot and choose the drives that should be reset on restarting operating system. Boot Frozen option should be chosen to enable freezing of selected resources, while Boot Thawed option disables the function after selected number of boots. In order to access the settings window, it is necessary to enter correct password. You can change password anytime through Password tab. A virtual ThawSpace can also be created where data is stored temporarily and is extracted after computer is restarted.


System Protection:
It is a reliable tool that keeps an eye on system activities and allows you to prohibit other users from making changes to your Personal Computer. After the drives are frozen, any changes made to the files will be deleted on restarting the system and unwanted modifications will be discarded. However, it may prove to be harmful as well if you are not careful. If any important changes are made while the frozen mode was enabled, you will lose the changes soon. Therefore, it is usually preferred by professional users in organizations to protect business data.


Though installation of application is an easy task, but uninstallation may get difficult if you are not aware of proper procedure. First of all the service must be disabled by pressing Shift key and double clicking the icon in system tray. Then choose Boot Thawed under Boot Options tab and restart computer. The service will be disabled and you can uninstall the software by running its setup file.


Deep Freeze is an advance desktop application which can be used to protect workstations and servers. It helps you recover system to initial state whenever any unwanted changes are made and also keeps it safe from phishing scams. It is a great tool for maintaining system integrity, but one should understand its working before implementing its functions.



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