Directory Opus 12.4 Build 6288

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License freeware
File Size (MB) 52.0 MB
Version 12.4 Build 6288
Date Released 22 March، 2017 8:12 am
Operating System Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
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Directory Opus is a desktop file manager program available from GP Software. Touted as being extremely simple to use, this software is a good fit for novices and experts, alike. Several features set this program apart from others and are impressive and functional.


Special Features
Directory Opus allows the user to customize menus, file groups and types, keyboard hotkeys, as well as toolbars. Files can be explored on tabbed, single or dual panels. Each panel presents files in “listers” which are presented in a two-pane view. Beside the panes is a tree list of the folders. The items in the panel can be copy and pasted or dragged and dropped to move files and folders between the two panels. The ability to flatten the folder tree (or hide the individual folders) is a convenient tool of Directory Opus. Flat files allow the user to view all files in a folder, including its subfolders. Folder tabs allow for multiple folders to be open at one time with the added bonus of the simplicity of changing among the folders.


In a flash folder can be searched, filtered, grouped and sorted with the greatest of ease. Discover duplicate folders and synchronize them effortlessly. Multiple files copies are able to be queued and users can attach star-ratings and/or color-code any folder or file. Selecting and renaming files is a breeze and the program accurately maintains the timestamps of when both folders and files are created and modified. Thumbnails, documents, panels and images are available in a preview mode.


• View and edit file metadata (EXIF, MP3, PDF, etc).
• Sorting, grouping, filtering and searching has never been easier.
• Color code or rate your files and folders to make them easier to find.
• Batch renaming including the option for a fully scripted rename using metadata.
• Support for FTP, Zip, 7-Zip, RAR and many other archive formats.
• Access content on portable devices like phones, tablets and cameras.
• Built-in tools including synchronize, duplicate file finder, image converter and uploader and more.
• Print or export folder listings, copy file listings to the clipboard, calculate folder sizes.
• Queue multiple file copies for improved performance..
• Support for the latest Windows features including jumplists and indexed search.
• Fully configurable user interface – toolbars, keyboard hotkeys and much more can be tailored to suit your needs.
• Full scripting interface supports VBScript, JScript or any installed Active Scripting language.
• Efficient, multi-threaded, modern design.


The links for original files are stored in file collections, which differ from shortcuts in that they work in direct correlation with the files. Browse and operate several file formats like folders, such as ZIP, 7ZIP and RAR. Network protocols like SSH and FTP are also able to be browsed and operated internally. The same is true for protocols for phones, cameras and tablets, such as MTP. Files can also be burned to a DVD or CD. Images can be resized; formats converted and even uploaded to social media sites.


Directory Opus has had numerous awards bestowed upon the program by many leaders in the industry. The software won the Editor’s Choice Award from PC Magazine. Users have rated the program Very Good giving it 4 out of 5 stars and gave it the Clean Award. This high rising demand of this software is only because of its extraordinary features. As it is most remarkable software in providing the desktop file management facility to end users, it is being used professionals to ease their managing tasks.


Final Say
Directory Opus is currently sold as a license for. This license covers one computer and personal laptop. GP Software guarantees customer satisfaction by offering users an astounding 60 day trial period, complete with all program functions, to confirm it is an adequate file manager. Although it is a bit pricier than its counterparts, the program’s value is well worth the price tag.



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