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License shareware
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Date Released 28 March، 2017 4:31 am
Operating System Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10,
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DriverEasy is published by Easeware Technology Limited. Its purpose is to automatically check the drivers on your system and to perform downloading and installation of most suitable drivers quickly. It is available in many languages such as English, Spanish, Dutch, French, Italian, Arabic and many more. You can choose the software language while installing it or through its settings. It is a safe tool to perform quick analysis of your system.


Easy To Use:
DriverEasy is a simple software that can be installed and used easily by everyone. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced user, it contains options that you can use easily. Its installation Wizard lets you complete the installation process with a few clicks in a very short time period. The installation can be done in Express type for new users and in custom mode for advanced users. All the tabs and options are self-explanatory, so everyone can use it without much difficulty.


Software Versions:
You can download the trial version of DriverEasy for free or purchase its license of Professional version for a year at $29.95 USD. You can also buy the license for more than a year at low and discounted prices. Pro version has some advantages as compared to free version. The speed limit of Free version is 40 while in Pro version the downloading and installation of device drivers is performed at a very fast speed.


The Scan window shows status and information about your system. A button is present in the center with the text “Scan Now”. When you will click this button the software will start performing the scan on your system for the device drivers. It will then let you know which drivers are missing and which ones need to be updated as they have become older.


Download section shows the list of drivers that need to be installed or updated. You can download and install all the required drivers with a single click.


It contains 5 categories. In hardware information you can find details about all the hardware components that are present in your system such as CPU, motherboard and monitor details. You can create backup of your device drivers. Driver Restore option lets you restore the old driver that was installed previously on your system via its backup. You can also perform Offline Scan on your system. It gives you the option to Uninstall any Drivers and to check for Windows Updates.


You can customize the settings of DriverEasy through General, Internet Connection, System Restore, Hidden Devices and Scheduled Tasks categories. You can change software language, choose browser and proxy server settings, create system restore points, see hidden devices and schedule the driver scans.


Using DriverEasy is an efficient way to keep your device drivers up to date. It reduces your efforts by performing the scans on scheduled times and finding the best URLs to download them. It creates backups and restore points before driver update to let you restore the system in case of any problem. It is a fast working tool that provides you with great benefits at very low prices.



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