Emsisoft Internet Security 2017.3.2.7392

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License shareware
File Size (MB) 228 MB
Version 2017.3.2.7392
Date Released 20 April، 2017 5:26 pm
Operating System Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10,
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Emsisoft Internet Security is an all-inclusive protection program. From the affordable price to the flexible user options, this product is well worth the purchase. This product is essential for anyone wanting complete malware threat protection. By masking your system on public networks the program protects your computer with little effect on space.


Special Features
Emsisoft Internet Security provides great protection for all computers including third-party networks, by utilizing a three-pronged approach. Firstly, Surf Protection guards against phishing and blocks known dangerous and fraudulent sites. Then, File Guard utilizes 10 million patterns to detect threats to open and downloaded files with two scanners which are consistently scanning files in the background. Finally, Behavior Blocker finds new internet security attacks (including zero-day) and protects your system against the attacks. Emsisoft Internet Security provides ultimate protection for online banking by hardening the software used for browsing.


• Automatic evaluation of the credibility of programs.
• Minimal firewall alerts.
• Advantages in comparison to Windows firewall.
• Removal of Potentially Unwanted Programs.
• Real-time File Guard.
• Behavior Blocker.


When a firewall attack is imminent, Emsisoft Internet Security provides the user with four options of which to choose. The options include Allow Connection, Allow All Connections, Block Connection and Block All Connections. The user can also create a custom rule for each alert presented. This flexibility and customizable interface is great for any user level. While evaluating the creditability of each threat on a global level, the software minimizes the alerts presented allowing the user to decide on which option to choose, without constantly being bombarded by the question of allowing access or not. Application-based and global firewall rules are able to be set by the user Potentially Unwanted Programs (PUP) can be removed so that they won’t slow down computer functions. The program asks the user to eliminate toolbars and pop-up ads to maximize performance. Evaluations of over 100 million programs allow the Anti-Malware Network of Emsisoft Internet Security the ability to inform the user of threats. Personal emergency assistance is a nice feature of Emsisoft Internet Security. Experts can assist in removing malware from your computer. Not only is the product affordable, costing less than $50.00, a loyalty program from Emsisoft Internet Security provides a discount on the renewal price of the product each consecutive year it is purchased.


Due to its high quality outcomes in providing the ultimate internet security, Emsisoft Internet Security was given a total score of 9 out of 10 points from PC Mag. Users have tested and reviewed it as the most preferable internet security option due to the protection level provided by it. In the first year of testing, Emsisoft Internet Security was awarded the Silver Award in the Real-World Protection Test. The program has gained the highest possible rank from user all across the world. Its best security features allow users to prefer it whenever they connect with the World Wide Web.


Final Say
Emsisoft Internet Security allows the user to test the product for 30 days with a 100% money back promise. This makes the program well worth a try. Providing ultimate virus protection and a user-friendly interface make Emsisoft Internet Security a good choice in malware protection.



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