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Date Released 4 February، 2017 1:58 pm
Operating System Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
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ImgBurn is mainly a disk burning computer application that was developed by Lightning UK as a freeware. It enables users to write files, folders and images on optical disc, create image from disc and files and verify disc. It is very helpful in storing large volume of data on CDs. Though it was originally intended for Microsoft Windows operating system; however, now it also offers support for Wine on Linux OS. During its installation, its setup wizard asks for downloading of a few free tools. Therefore the users must be careful and should select only those tools that they actually need.


ISO Files:
ImgBurn enables users to write Image files on disc as well as create images from supported discs. All they need to do is to select a source where the intended image file is present and select destination where the file should be transferred to. The software will extract basic information and will display label, Imp ID, file system, capacity and free space if available. If you wish to modify volume label, then go to ISO option in Tools menu. The file transfer demo can be carried out in Test Mode. Verify the disc when ISO write or read operation is successfully performed and eject the disk to avoid accidental data loss.


Files and Folders:
With the help of ImgBurn software, you can easily move data files and their folders between PC and disc. The basic selections for source and destination are similar to ISO file section. But here you will see an additional panel with few tabs. Information tab shows details of file transfer operation. Device tab deals with settings and helps to specify writing speed and number of copies that must be made. With Options section, you can change settings of files and disc images. Labels tab contains text boxes to enter Volume Labels and Identifiers, while Advanced tab is further divided into dates, restrictions and bootable disc tabs.


The behavior of ImgBurn is completely customizable depending on users’ choice. General settings contain languages, warning alerts and shutdown options. Specialized options can be adjusted for verify, read and write modes. I/O and Device tabs decide how to interact with peripheral devices. Graph settings manage options for display of graphs on the basis of data. With Events, you can choose actions to perform on startup and exit. Registry determines enabled file associations and File locations have paths for setup files.


Other Features:
It supports many file formats including CUE, BIN, DVD, CCI, FLAC, ISO, IMG, WV, TAK etc. A Log is maintained, containing the list of all actions performed. Input and Output drop down menu tabs assist in customizing the look of each mode. Moreover, you can choose automatic speed, filter driver load order, create CUE, DVD or MDS file and automate Disc burning of multiple files by using Image Queue.


ImgBurn is one of the most advanced disc burning applications that can write on CD, DVD and Blu-ray discs. Its simple interface, customized functions and flexibility have made it a great choice.



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