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Internet Explorer 11 is a web browser designed to give a totally fulfilling browsing experience in that it has larger tabs, more user-friendly controls, and a fluid response to gestures. The browser has new features which were not featured in earlier versions of Internet Explorer (IE). Some of the new features which are most important to information technology professionals include launch settings, an enhanced protected mode and more powerful web standards. This article dwells on these features as well as two other new features that are important for both IT professionals and general users: Accelerators and Pinned Sites.


The new browser launch settings in Internet Explorer allow users and administrators to decide the kind of browser experience that occurs when links are clicked. By design, Internet Explorer allows you the same surfing experience to follow links as is the case in earlier versions of the browser. For instance, a link in IE opens a web page in IE while a link for the desktop opens a web page in IE for the desktop. A user can change the default settings by making use of the Settings charm in IE or using the Programs tab of the dialog box for Internet Option in IE for the desktop while administrators can adjust the default settings by making use of the Internet Explorer Administration Kit 11 or Group Policy.


The Enhanced Protected Mode of Internet Explorer is a new feature that works by extending the prevailing Protected Mode functionality so as to help in preventing attackers from installing their software, accessing personal details, accessing details from company intranets, and from altering the settings of a computer system. To achieve this, the Enhanced Protected Mode reduces some of the capabilities available to Internet Explorer. These include limiting access to personal details and limiting access to corporate details. The web standard feature of Internet Explorer on the other hand offers updated support for a number of web standards. These are HTML5 Cascading Style Sheets, Level 3 Document Object Model Indexed Database API and Scalable Vector Graphics.


Although developers, performance and enhanced security are the main areas of focus of the Internet Explorer 11 browser, two major new features are of interest to everyone as mentioned at the start of this article. First is Accelerators, a new type of browser plug-in that makes web browsing faster when you select and right-click a line or block of text. Also, instead of copying and pasting the text into a search you have an option to go directly to searching for the selected text or map of the highlighted address.


Accelerators can help you to get daily browsing tasks done without the need to navigate manually to another website. For instance, you may be searching for a dining place and then you locate the website of a good restaurant. Assuming that you do not know where the restaurant is located, you will need to get directions. Ordinarily, you would have to copy and paste the address into a website that provides mapping services to get directions. However, the Accelerators in Internet Explorer enable you to select the address, right-click and view a map of the address in a small pop-up window.


The other aspect of Internet Explorer which is important for general users is Pinned Sites. This feature enables users to pin their websites to their task bar in the same way that they do for normal desktop applications. Support for the usual task bar features like jump lists is provided and is very useful for websites that capitalize on the capabilities of the new feature and allow users to go directly to particular pages or functions on their site, for instance posting an update on frequently used pages such as Facebook.


To conclude, Internet Explorer 11 gives users and IT professional a whole new range of browsing experience. The browser has new features that make this possible. First is the new browser launch settings from which users and IT professional can decide the kind of browser experience they would like to have when they click different links. Second is the Enhanced Protected Mode which enables users to prevent potential attackers from accessing their details or installing new software in their systems. Then there is the web standard feature which offers updated support for a number of web standards. The last two features of Internet Explorer discussed in this article are Accelerators, which make web browsing faster; and Pinned Sites, which enable users to pin their websites to their task bar.



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