MegaBackup 1.0.1169.0

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License freeware
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Version 1.0.1169.0
Date Released 6 March، 2017 2:47 am
Operating System Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
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MegaBackup is a utility for computers that enables users to create backup of data to avoid losing it. It saves all of the data files from your system on a cloud service so you can retrieve it from anywhere in case of any emergencies. It is especially helpful in dealing with situations such as accidental deletion of important documents, theft of your laptop, unavoidable crash of system hard disk or the files getting corrupted due to malware. It is an efficient application that takes the backup of all stored data without any errors and can restore data via this backup in no time.


Data Backup:
When MegaBackup is installed on PC, it runs a thorough scan to get information of all folders present in system memory. This information helps it in taking backup of data and protecting it. You can select specific files or folders that you want to make secure and can leave out unnecessary ones. This selection feature saves a lot of time. Since the data is stored on a cloud account, therefore you must register yourself for getting access to a valid account. You can decide if backup should be updated every day automatically and nothing should be done if no changes had occurred in those items.


Data Restore:
Once the backup of important data files is stored on cloud account, it becomes safe. If that data is lost due to any incident, then you can retrieve it with the help of this amazing software. In order to access the data, first you have to locate it on internet. This can be done by accessing the web based version of MegaBackup. There you will find all backups and can download them to your computer by selecting particular folders.


Cloud Dashboard:
The backup of data is stored on cloud service and you can access its dashboard by logging into your registered account. The dashboard provides access to all backups created with your account. You can view their details, download them to PC, mark them as favorite and can share these with other users. You can also sync folders with different devices to ensure data consistency. It maintains separate sections for shared and deleted folders and allows you to visit Help section for receiving detailed guidance.


It is a secure method of creating backup of data and restoring it on system. It has an intuitive user interface with simple operations. The home window displays backup and restore options only and thus allows you to carry out the tasks without any confusion. It works at extremely fast speed and takes almost no time in performing the desired task. You can also schedule these tasks to save time. The software can run in background to avoid any negative impacts on system performance.


MegaBackup is an appropriate choice for making sure that significant data files are secure from accidental loss. With this paid software, you can store unlimited amount of data on cloud account and thus release your mind from worries.



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