mp3DirectCut 2.23

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License freeware
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Version 2.23
Date Released 7 March، 2017 10:23 pm
Operating System Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
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mp3DirectCut is a digital audio editing application that can be used on Windows based systems for free. It can deal with multiple formats of audio files including MP3, MPEG, MPA and AAC. With the help of its useful features, the users can easily trim files, crop out unnecessary selections, split single recording into multiple sections and can save the edited version in high quality form for professional use. The characteristic that distinguishes this software from other similar tools is the fact that it performs audio editing in non-destructive mode. Therefore, the original versions are not lost and can be reused.


Audio Editing:
mp3DirectCut offers various options that are essential in editing of audio files. You can select particular region in an audio by making use of its selection tools. It allows you to edit or trim useless parts of files on the basis of these selected ranges. If a range is deleted by mistake, you can recover it with the help of Restore points. You can paste any part of a music file into another audio by using Cut or Copy functions. You can normalize the audio for enhancing its quality. Furthermore, other major editing options include simple fade, two-stage fade and gain. Name and part properties for selections can be adjusted as well.


Batch Processing:
The batch processing function of the software enables users to work on multiple files at a time. The only condition applicable is that all the selected audios should be of same format. All files that need to be processed should be kept in same folder. Then you can perform actions of only save, auto cue, normalize, cut, simple fade to/from position, join to file, pause detection and auto crop on these files. After choosing required operations, you can start processing. The results are displayed in the dedicated text box, while the edited files are stored in chosen destination folder.


Audio Recording:
mp3DirectCut is a suitable computer application for recording audio. Before using this feature, make sure that DLL setup file is downloaded properly, otherwise it will not work. You can start recording by clicking the Record button, pause it, stop recording and can save the recorded file at any location in your PC hard disk.


Cue Sheet:
mp3DirectCut allows you store audio as a project or cue sheet. A cue sheet is actually a file that contains metadata about the selected file. In this file, all the information for that particular file is stored, such as its title, file format, track number and index. It is a plain text file which is stored with the extension of CUE. You can easily open this cue sheet with a compatible tool for viewing the basic information; the most popular supported application being Notepad.


mp3DirectCut is a famous audio editing and recording tool, known for its simple user interface and easy to use features. Various actions can be performed on files without the need of a high skill level. It is small sized software that occupies very low memory space and can be downloaded in portable mode.



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