muvee Reveal

download Free
License shareware
File Size (MB) 128 MB
Version Build 3027(27840)(A)
Date Released 2 April، 2017 12:12 am
Operating System Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
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muvee Reveal is a professional application designed specifically for creating and editing videos. It is a practical solution for easily converting video clips and images into movies. You can insert background music for adding unique effect. With the help of various editing techniques, it is feasible for users to produce high quality videos. It was developed by muvee Technologies for Windows operating system. It is a proprietary tool whose trial version can be used for 15 days by simply providing Email address. It is an efficient video editing tool that can deal with multiple types and formats of media files.


Video Creation:
The process of video creation can be started only after images are added to the project. You can choose any effect for the video and add music that should be played in the background. It is recommended to choose the number of images that can be displayed until music ends or trim down music. Otherwise the speed of image display will be decreased and video quality will be affected. The software facilitates you to insert caption with each image for illustration purpose. Graffiti can also be added to specific portion of image. Zoom effect lets you manually choose the area of picture that will be zoomed in during animation.


Styles are transitions and animations that can be applied on images using muvee Reveal. Cube twist, Kinetic, Lifebook, Strips, Ultra plain and Uncle Oscar are built-in schemes that are available with the software. You can download extra styles via online store or find suitable one through categories of All styles, Customized styles, Recently used and Default. You can modify settings of these styles to adjust specific properties of each styling effect.


In personalization menu, there are five dedicated tabs. Mode menu allows you to enable summary, adjust brightness, choose video motion, customize image behaviors and set audio mixing. Title can be included by selecting theme and entering detailed information. Credits can be given to video creator in a separate slide by specifying text, font, animation style, music track and background. If you are making video for an organization then its logo and a footnote message can be added as well. Voice over option is helpful for making tutorials, reports and presentations.


muvee Reveal simplifies the process of video editing with its useful tools. You can add as many images to video as you want. It supports a wide range of multimedia formats, so compatibility factor is not an issue. It automatically crops images by detecting actions. It allows you to adjust video on the basis of added music. Various effects can be added to make your video more attractive.


You can preserve your memories from trips and occasions by converting them into movies. Suitable background music makes you immerse into these videos. Caption can be written with each image so you can identify location every time you are watching it. Its user interface makes work easier for users. They can quickly add videos, choose playback music and convert their images or video clips into full length movies.



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