Norton Security 2017

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License shareware
File Size (MB) 156 MB
Version 2017
Date Released 7 April، 2017 12:22 pm
Operating System Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10,
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Norton Security 2017 is a security software program produced by Symantec. This program protects your devices against malware through the use of signatures designed to identify viruses. An annual subscription of Norton Security can be purchased as a Compact Disc (CD), comes installed on some devices as OEM software, downloaded online and rarely on a USB flash drive. No matter which form of the subscription you choose, the software comes with a 100% guarantee.


Special Features
• Norton Security 2017 features a personal firewall, antivirus protection, phishing protection and the filtering of spam email. This version also includes customizable parental controls. Able to back up 25 GB of your personal data, using online storage, leaving more available storage space on your device.

• Norton Security offers protection to a variety of up to five different devices (Windows, Mac, IOS, and Android devices) with the purchase of only one subscription. This version places your device on the defense by notifying the user of websites that pose possible threats before you even visit them. Download apps on Google Play with ease knowing that threat warnings are made available for Android devices. This version also safely manages all of your passwords and usernames.

• Protection online, whether it be Wi-Fi or on a network, allows users to share photos, videos, emails and even instant messages, worry-free, with the knowledge that scans are running, automaticallyto protect against threats.

• Not only can Norton Securitytune-up your system, this version also includes the ability to restore function to computers that are so badly infected by multiple viruses they are no longer able to boot, with the Norton Bootable Recovery Tool.

• Online chat, email and telephone support are offered 24/7, for no additional charge. For additional support, Symantec utilizes social media sites, such as Twitter, Facebook and YouTube, as well as the company’s user forum.

User Interface
• The interface is sleek, with well-labeled icons, making this version extremely user-friendly. When clicked on, the homepage icons, Run Scans, LiveUpdate, History and Advanced offer extensive information.

• Run Scans lists risks that are detected, resolved, those requiring attention and the total items that were scanned. This information is helpful to track the effectiveness of the program.

• LiveUpdate lists the names of exactly which processes, downloads and updates are being processed, with a completion bar showing the scan being conducted in real time.
Accessing the History icon will list the activity, date and time, status, and severity of risk of each scan performed. There is a detail box that informs you of any actions that are required.

The Advanced icon allows you to customize the different security features available, broken down into the sections of Computer, Network and Web.


Final Say
Few other internet security software programs on the market can offer the same protection at a reasonable price as Norton Security. The features included and user friendly interface make this particular internet security software the right choice for any consumer. This product is recommended not only for personal use, but for businesses and educational institutions, as well. Covering all your devices ensures protection at home and on mobile, makes Norton Security the correct choice for antivirus protection.




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