Panda Gold Protection 2017 18.0.0

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License freeware
File Size (MB) 64.9 MB
Version 2017 18.0.0
Date Released 16 February، 2017 2:18 am
Operating System Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
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Panda Gold Protection is an application that protects data regardless of device or operating system. Currently, the program offers several advanced features including antivirus technology, backup tool, data synchronization, a cloud storage system, share photos, videos and documents online up to 20 GB, between any devices (PC, Mac, IOS and Android).


• Know the software
The Gold Panda Protection helps the user to backup their contacts list, providing them with the possibility of having their data always available (both online and offline), regardless of the device that accesses them. The cloud protection software turns out to be much more than a suite of cross platform security, offering more services and user support, having the flexibility of accessing personal data, pictures, music, etc., regardless of the device and OS.


The highlights of the software include:
• Store, share and synchronize files.
• Perform backups and restore your contacts list in cell phones (iPhones, BlackBerry, etc).
• Perform automatic backups of all the photos in your devices (mobile phones, tablets, PC, Mac).
• Synchronize files and documents (photos and videos) on different devices (mobile phones, tablets, PC) and on Windows, iOS, Android and BlackBerry.
• Sharing files and documents between contacts securely.
• Manage synchronized documents and devices.
• Publishes photos on social networks in just one click.


Additionally, the Gold Panda Protection also includes a “PC rescue kit” that allows you to start your PC in safe mode, and disinfects it in critical situations or emergency. Support is available in different forms. Registered users are free to contact the company through phone or via email.



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