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License shareware
File Size (MB) 6.6 MB
Date Released 18 April، 2017 9:00 am
Operating System Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
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SaferVPN is a licensed service that provides secure VPN across multiple devices. You can use its trial version for limited duration. Complete set of features can be utilized by purchasing the license; however another month trial can be availed for free by referring the product to your friends. It is a powerful application that is capable of keeping your network activities private and providing access to videos and files from various parts of world. It is an efficient Windows application that assists you in eliminating the boundaries that tend to stop you from accessing content and blocks trackers that capture your information.


Virtual Locations:
Choosing a virtual location is a popular method for hiding both public and private information from websites and spies. SaferVPN provides a large number of virtual locations that can be temporarily used as your public IP address. Choosing the automatic option makes appropriate choice itself. It selects nearest available server and acquires its details. However, you can make custom choice for Australian, German, Austrian, French, Canadian, Finnish, Italian, Swedish, Spanish or other suitable servers. It displays public IP address, status, connection time and protocol for ease of users.


Settings section is available for users who wish to apply required changes in the functioning of application. It lets you choose a VPN protocol and enable automatic Wi-Fi security for real time data protection. VPN Kill Switch can be enabled for automatically switching off selected apps as soon as the VPN goes down. Its startup settings can be modified for running the software on startup of operating system and keeping it minimized in system tray. Support Service can be used by sending a support ticket for your query or by running a speed test to measure the performance of connection.


Fast Browsing:
SaferVPN implements advanced methodologies to browse internet at considerably fast pace. You can easily enjoy animated cartoons, movies, latest songs, live sports competitions and TV series without any disturbance. The content quickly starts playing and buffering process is not long. Hence you can download or watch your required content online. Furthermore, if your favorite social networking websites are blocked by your university’s network then this application can be used to unblock it.


The software ensures that your privacy is maintained in its presence. For this purpose, it blocks cookies and hacking attacks that attempt to steal information about your location or personal details. Moreover, it does not keep records of the webpages visited when the service was turned on. The absence of logging is highly beneficial to users and is the major reason behind its huge success. Public Wi-Fi or other connections can also be protected for enhancing the security.


SaferVPN is a reliable tool that is included in the top VPN services around the globe. It helps you transfer content from one location to another and encrypts the files to decrease risks. It lets you choose an anonymous IP address or location so that you can stay safe. It is recommended to use this application whenever you need to perform any secret activity.



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