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License shareware
File Size (MB) 37.3 MB
Date Released 5 March، 2017 2:12 am
Operating System Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
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SilverSHield is a secure server for Windows operating system that enables users to share files via SFTP and SSH network protocols. It is an easy to use product developed by Extenua Inc. Setting up the software is an easy task as well. The installation wizard helps you install the software without any issues, while clearly mentioned instructions assist users in sending the content to specific locations. It is a safe application that enhances the security of shared files by enforcing advanced methods. It is a licensed tool which is available in different versions. But non-commercial users can use it for free.


In order to configure the server on your PC, you must log in to admin account first. After that home screen will appear where different settings can be modified. You can specify IP address, port, log details and server address. Security settings include concurrent client connections, IP white-list and error identification. With protocol specific settings you can insert banner, key and session details. Advanced settings let you choose MAC algorithms, cryptographic algorithms, allowed authentication methods and SFTP versions. Furthermore, SMTP configuration and Event handling can be carried out as well.


Backup and Restore:
SilverSHield provides the facility of creating backup of server and restoring it in no time. This hot backup can be made for only server configuration and user database or you can also add scripts associated to event handlers. A single backup file is created quickly with extension of SBAK and is stored at desired location. The backup can be made without the need of restarting the service, however if you wish to perform restore operation, then the SilverSHield system service along with management console must be stopped and restarted. This feature is useful in avoiding data loss by taking necessary measures.


Server Monitoring:
This application is not only used for providing a secure server, but also lets you monitor its performance through suitable options. You can track working of your server with the help of available data. The Monitoring tab displays starting time of server, number of sessions served, total downloads and uploads information. It also lets you know when the server was last restarted and the work done after that restart. All recorded sessions along with necessary details can be viewed through a well-managed list. Clicking any of these sessions shows its timestamp, code and log line in Session log.


It is a reliable and powerful application that lets you easily transfer data files while maintaining their security. Advanced techniques are used to ensure that the data transfer is carried out successfully and is safe from access of unauthorized users. High level security is achieved with features such as active directory integration, multiple keys per user and enforcement of virtual folder security rules.


SilverSHield is user friendly server through which Windows users can easily send data to any location without worrying about hacking attacks. It is an award winning product that is suitable for beginners as well as experienced users due to the availability of advanced options in a user friendly GUI.



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