TorGuard 0.3.58

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License shareware
File Size (MB) 14.7 MB
Version 0.3.58
Date Released 18 April، 2017 3:58 am
Operating System Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
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TorGuard VPN is a licensed product that falls in the category of online privacy protection services. It is an efficient tool through which users can get rid of online threats and save their PCs from external attacks. The computers connected to internet face more risks that other devices as hackers know various methods of breaking into the personal files. This application is capable of handling such threats and takes precautions to eliminate intrusion. As a result, you can protect your data from hackers and hide your original IP address from them by enabling virtual location from available countries.


Unblock Content:
The major purpose of using internet is to collect information from various resources. Sometimes, the users may find out that the website they are trying to access is available only in selected countries. TorGuard VPN helps you in these circumstances by providing servers from different countries and continents. It can cross any limitations applied such as Firewall and allows you to view content easily. Since everything has both positive and negative aspects, thus it depends on the users whether they want to avail these features for valuable purpose or not.


Anonymous Browsing:
When visiting websites, most of them leave cookies which inform the website administrators about your browsing history and IP address. In order to avoid tracking of your online activity and personal details, this software uses advanced techniques. It disables the sharing of your IP addresses with websites and blocks spies or hackers that try to get information of your whereabouts. Whether you want to hide your activities from hackers on internet or from employers of your organization, this tool is capable of keeping your experience private.


Expert Support:
When using an advanced service, the users often feel the need of expert advice about certain issues. Whenever you are stuck at any function and do not understand its purpose then you can access online support. Expert professionals are available who will guide you about the problems faced and will assist you in availing complete advantages. Though its user interface is quite simple and does not need prior experience, yet you can discuss your problems to find suitable solutions.


TorGuard VPN is a user friendly privacy tool whose license can be purchased from official website. It lets you choose your virtual location from more than 50 countries and provides 5 simultaneous connections on different devices. The communication carried out after turning on the service remains private and data is encrypted for hiding it from unrelated users. The software contains settings section where you can customize various operations for efficient results. A competitive benefit is that the user activities are not logged; hence the convenience level for users is high.


TorGuard VPN is a high ranked service for securing your online activities from eavesdropping. It is a light-weight application that runs on low resources and does not interfere with performance of other running apps. It can be quickly installed on PC and can be operated easily. Its interface is compact with specialized functions which can be modified as per users’ choices.



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