Webroot SecureAnywhere Complete

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License shareware
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Date Released 16 January، 2017 10:49 pm
Operating System Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10,
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Webroot SecureAnywhere Complete is a security suite that protects both your computer as your digital identity. Rich in features, it includes anti-virus, anti-malware, a firewall and a powerful anti-phishing putting your PC away from online and offline threats. This software alerts you from potentially fraudulent sites even before you click the link, and protects you also on social networks like Facebook and Twitter.
• Know the software
Webroot SecureAnywhere Complete features a unique user interface allowing users to ensure the safety of their PC, Mac and mobile devices. This security solution also offers 25 GB data storage space online, useful for protecting your files, photos, music, and much more. Finally, the software ensures protection of your banking data. You can perform any transaction or online shopping with confidence.


• How it works?
Webroot SecureAnywhere Complete is an appropriate tool to work locally or through the network, so it is also suitable for professionals. Scans the system for all types of viruses worms Trojans and detected quickly and neutralize it immediately. The Cloud-based security can also be a high recognition quality, without having to download the specific updates. Information about passwords, credit cards and confidential documents are encrypted using algorithms that are advanced in order to safeguard the identity of every user on the internet. Security is also taken into account when browsing on internet by blocking access to websites considered potentially dangerous. The program also automatically saves documents and files and password. The company offers excellent customer service for their clients.


Webroot SecureAnywhere Complete Features:
• Antivirus
• Antispyware
• Antiphishing
• Firewall
• Identity Protection
• Social Network Protection
• Unsafe Link and Search Results Identification
• Password Protection
• System Cleanup
• Online File Backup
• File Synchronization
• Mobile Protection
• Online Account Management



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