WinZip 21.0 Build 12288

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License shareware
File Size (MB) 70.7 MB
Version 21.0 Build 12288
Date Released 25 October، 2016 8:10 pm
Operating System Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10,
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WinZip – Making files compression easy and fast With WinZip, it is even easier and faster open zip files, share zip files, create zip files and encrypt zip files. The software ensures faster and easier file compression process. It has a significant new file sharing technology along with easy to operate design and an extended enterprise support as well. The software saves time and space efficiently, keeping your digital world secured and absolutely safe.


Winzip – Archiving files is one of the new trends in vogue, thanks to the increasing sizes and increasing spaces that the files were beginning to use. Winzip is leading software that helps to compress those files, making their transfer over the web less hefty and power consuming. It converts the files to its own Zip format, and that should not be a problem for most of the users, for the Zip format is just as flexible as any of the others. Files can be easily extracted and converted into any other format that the user wants them to be in. Furthermore, the software can work on a wide variety of OS, including Windows, iOS, Android and OS X, making transfer of files and extraction of the same through mobiles just as easy.


Download and Installation
In order to download WinZip, you should visit the official website of the program at first. After that, click on the “Download WinZip Now” button. Now you will have to save the file by clicking the “save file” option. This shall appear in the pop-up window. After you are done with the downloading process then you have to open the folder where the setup file has been saved. Now you have to double click on it in order to begin the installation process. You have to select the “Run” option in order to start the installation of this software. Now select the “Next” option that appears in the pop-up window. You can go through the license agreement before continuing with the installation further. After you agree to continue with the installation, wait for the installer to download and optimize the required packages. After it’s done, click on the “Next” button. Now you can finally click the finish button in order to complete the installation process.



Compatibility and System Requirements
The software is compatible with Microsoft Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 and Windows Vista as well. This program also has a language compatibility with English, Italiano, Español, Nederlands, Português, Dansk and more.


These include the following:
1. Compressing and archiving the files
2. Unpacking files of Zip, 7Z, LHA and LHZ formats
3. Decoding UUE and B64 files
4. Writing the Zip files directly onto an external storage device, like CD or DVD
5. Supporting other compressed and archived files, provided the appropriate programs have been installed. This means that the Winzip can link up with other archiving softwares like ARJ, and help retrieval of files from their formats.


Advantages of using the WinZip Mac Edition
When it comes to working with large files, WinZip is the number one choice among several users. Using the WinZip Mac Edition will help you with the following functions.
• Zip and unzip files in no time.
• File protection functionality with AES encryption.
• You can share files directly to ZipShare, Google Drive, Drop Box and iCloud Drive.


Pros of using WinZip
• The software makes it easier to open files.
• WinZip offers free upgrade for customers having a valid Software Maintenance Plan or Upgrade Assurance.
• You can save fifty percent of the regular price by upgrading from any earlier version of the software.
• WinZip offers the fastest compression process as compared to other related softwares.


Cons of using WinZip
• There are no significant disadvantages of using WinZip. However, WinRar compresses more files than WinZip.
• It might not be possible to extract each and every file from Zip file perfectly.
• The damaged data may affect the file or the entire zip file as well


Errors encountered when WinZip is corrupt
Here is the list of errors that you may encounter if the Zip is corrupt.
• While opening the ZIP file, you may encounter an error saying “unexpected end of archive”
• Cycle Redundancy Check error
• Compressed ZIP folder might appear to be corrupted or invalid
• You may find the WinZip Self-Extractor Header Corrupt message. The possible cause behind this might be bad disk or file transfer error.

So, keeping in mind all sorts of pros and cons of this particular software, we can say that WinZip certainly has more advantages than disadvantages. The smaller file size will significantly reduce the time that would be spent during an e-mail transmission. Apart from that, encryption of private data is also an added benefit. In case, the user faces any of the aforementioned errors while using WinZip, he/she can always go through the various FAQ sections and other forums where similar issues are discussed and solved by the technical experts and other knowledgeable people available online.


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