How to Merge PDF Files

How to multiple pdf files? There are times when we need to do some pdf files into one pdf file only. Suppose for my friends who have downloaded the free English course material from belajaringgris then there material in the form of pdf files created separately, one pdf file for each chapter.

Utilizing some pdf files into this one is we can replace the separate materials into one file only and of course to facilitate in time we can search all the material.

To share some of these pdf files we need the help of software such as PDFsam example, an opensource application that can send multiple pdf files into one pdf file only and also do the opposite of splitting one pdf file into several pdf files.

Here’s the cararel pdf file using pdfsam app:

  • Download pdfsam application here
  • Install and run the pdfsam application until the following window appears:
  • Click Merge / Extract (no 1)
  • Click the Add button (no 2) and add the pdf files you want to merge.
  • Specify the folder where the result file (output file) (No 3)
  • Finally click Run button (no 4) to start the process of merging pdf file.
  • In addition to using pdfsam application, to combine some of these pdf files we can also use other applications including:

1. PDFill PDF Tools

In addition to merging pdf files, PDFill PDF Tools application can also perform encryption, reformat pdf pages, add information, headers, footers, watermarks and others.

2. PDF Binder

A very simple application to combine pdf files.

3. Combine pdf files online, just visit pdfmerge, upload some pdf files and merge files can be uploaded directly.

So some way to merge the pdf file, if the file we want to combine is not a .PDF format, we can first change the file to pdf format with the help of free pdf converter application.