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HitmanPro 3.8.14 Build 304
HitmanPro is an advanced cloud supported anti-malware application that can detect and remove all types of malware including virus, Trojan, rootkit, worms, spyware, keyloggers and fake software. It is a suitable tool for working in parallel with your other anti-virus tools and firewall to recheck the presence of malware in your PC. It is a very strong and reliable tool that is capable of tracing many malware applications that remain unnoticed by ordinary anti-virus software.
Update : 05-17-2019 | Category : Antivirus & Security
System : Windows | Language : English | Downloads : 880

avast Internet Security 2019 19.5.2378 Beta
Everyday, we face cyber security threats from diverse malicious sources. Our computer systems and handsets are prone to succumb to such attacks if and when we don't take drastic measures against them. Globally, antiviruses have been developed, with the aim of curbing such threats. Avast Internet security is one of the best antiviruses in the market. It offers protection to personal and cooperate computers, mobile phones and even web-based databases. Avast has the firewall feature for protection against web attacks while also offering maximum protection on external devices. The antivirus is distributed freely on the web, though it is advisable to download it from the recommended and trusted sites. It also has premium package options that allow the user to tighten their security affordably. It offers scanning features and it cleans the computer off viruses. It is therefore advisable to grant the antivirus exclusive rights to update itself and monitor applications to guarantee security of your information. In the world of technology, employing a security feature that can manage all your computer threats is the smartest choice one can ever make.
Update : 05-17-2019 | Category : Antivirus & Security
System : Windows | Language : English | Downloads : 8438

CCleaner 5.57.7182

CCleaner 5.57.7182

ccleaner - 15.1MB - comments
CCleaner is a free utility program that helps you clean your PC and thereby, enhance its performance. Its free version comes equipped with a plethora of features and is suitable for personal use. However, if you want to use it for business purposes, it’s best to buy its paid version. It’s a popular application that can efficiently get rid of junk files and optimize your system to ensure quality performance. You can also customize the application to fit your needs. Since its setup process is simple and straightforward, you can download and install the software in no time.
Update : 05-16-2019 | Category : Cleaners
System : Windows | Language : English | Downloads : 55817

Norton AntiVirus 2019
Norton Antivirus provides fast, powerful and effective protection against spyware and viruses. It is a slimmed-down package specifically designed to offer superior protection without extra features. It will help you email, chat, and use the internet without worrying about crimeware, as it stops viruses and other threats before they can do any damage to your system. In addition to being your classic antivirus suite, Norton AntiVirus is also an effective PC performance enhancer. The software comes with 25GB of secure, online storage space. The Automated Backup feature will automatically backup all of your important files to your online storage space, effectively safeguarding your pictures, music and other important files. In the event of a system crash, your files can be easily recovered from your online storage. With 5 layers of protection, no malware can breach its defence. Along with all of these features, Norton AntiVirus comes with 24/7 support. You can get help and answers by phone, email, or live chat whenever you need it.
Update : 05-15-2019 | Category : Antivirus & Security
System : Windows | Language : English | Downloads : 4645

Norton 360 2019
Norton 360 is an all-in-one package that provides tuneup, backup and protection services. This package is designed to keep your computer running at optimum levels with performance boosting features, including Proactive Performance Alerts and PC Tuneup options. Norton 360 provides frontline protection for your computer, as it detects and eliminates viruses and spyware before they can cause damage. The Insight feature instantly checks where files are coming from, and stops crimeware immediately. Norton Safe Web will warn you of unsafe or questionable websites, and will automatically block them. SONAR 3 Behavioral Protection will monitor your computer for potential attacks by viruses and spyware. In addition, the Parental Controls feature will keep you up to date on your kids’ online activities. Norton 360 will help to keep your kids safe by blocking access to inappropriate websites, as well as tracking their social networking activities. The 360 Premier Edition is also an effective PC performance enhancer. With its PC Tuneup feature it frees up memory space so that computer startup time is boosted and applications start up and run faster. Proactive Performance Alerts will notify you when an application slows down your computer so you can make changes when needed.
Update : 05-15-2019 | Category : Antivirus & Security
System : Windows | Language : English | Downloads : 709

Norton Security 2019
Norton Internet Security comes with many similar features to Norton 360; however, this package is specifically designed to protect your online activity. In place of performance boosting technology, Internet Security comes with the Norton Protection System, featuring four unique layers of protection to stop online threats before they even reach your computer. This product is perfect for users who do a lot of work online, as Norton Internet Security provides identity protection, allowing you to browse, shop, and bank online with confidence. This package will effectively block phishing websites that could steal your identity, and will warn of unsafe websites right in your search results. With the latest Norton Internet Security version, you get protection for your Windows Pc, Android phones and iOS devices with one subscription. This product blocks all harmful software even before there downloaded keeping you safe from adware and viruses. When browsing social media, are scams and suspicions content are blocked automatically.
Update : 05-15-2019 | Category : Antivirus & Security
System : Windows | Language : English | Downloads : 4805

Folder Lock 7.7.9

Folder Lock 7.7.9

newsoftwares - 10.5MB - comments
Folder Lock is an advanced computer application with useful features that ensure the security of files, folders, memory drives and storage devices. Its attractive yet easy to use interface is its exceptional feature that has helped to make it user friendly. Not only you can encrypt your files and passwords, but can also make their backup on secure cloud.
Update : 03-13-2019 | Category : Antivirus & Security
System : Windows | Language : English | Downloads : 739

avast Antiviru Free 2019 19.3.2369
Avast Free Antivirus is a useful platform that provides protection for your system, keeps all your passwords safe at a single place, provides various tools for staying safe from harmful threats or attacks and suggests you various tools that you can purchase for cleaning junk files, increasing security and to keep your files safe from getting hacked or infected. It is a preferred choice by many users to keep both their mobiles and PCs safe from unwanted effects.
Update : 03-12-2019 | Category : Antivirus & Security
System : Windows | Language : English | Downloads : 938

Zemana AntiMalware 3.1.0
Zemana AntiMalware is a reliable application that detects and removes malware and unwanted programs from your PC at fast speed. It has a comprehensive database of malware signatures that is stored on cloud so that the space on users PCs can be saved. It is a great choice for security of systems due to fast malware scanning and removal.
Update : 03-13-2019 | Category : Antivirus
System : Windows | Language : English | Downloads : 8100

BitDefender Antivirus Free 2019
The BitDefender Antivirus Free is a free version of the award-winning premium “BitDefender of anti virus plus”, offering elementary functions and tools for protecting your computer against viruses and other threats. However, the freeware represents as an antivirus program that effectively protects against malware.
Update : 03-11-2019 | Category : Antivirus & Security
System : Windows | Language : English | Downloads : 5791