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DVDFab - 105MB - comments
When talking about backing up films, DVDFab remains one of the best software to use. It remains an all-in-one application that helps to back up your Blu-ray movies. The software can also help convert video after ripping it into different structures. For authorizing DVDs and Blu-ray discs, the application can help combine several options to make the process effective.
Update : 03-09-2019 | Category : Multimedia
System : Windows | Language : English | Downloads : 1390

5KPlayer 5.7.0

5KPlayer 5.7.0 - 37.7MB - comments
5kplayer is a multi-purpose Windows application that can play audio or video files and lets you fetch content from CD, DVD, Radio Channels, AirPlay and YouTube. The media player provides all major controls and plays videos in high definition. Properly maintained libraries ensure that you can play your favorite videos without delay.
Update : 03-09-2019 | Category : Video Players
System : Windows | Language : English | Downloads : 744

Java 13 Build 11 Early Access
Java platform helps users develop Java-based applications and deploy them in a cross-platform computing environment. James Gosling was the actual developer of this tool who worked at Sun Microsystems, but Oracle Corporation acquired it later. It was initially launched in 1998 and it offers support for 32-bit as well as 64-bit operating systems. It is a free tool, available in more than 10 different languages. The installation process is straightforward and doesn’t take more than a few minutes. Furthermore, it’s a lightweight application that runs in the background and therefore, doesn’t slow down your system’s performance.
Update : 03-09-2019 | Category : Codecs
System : Windows | Language : English | Downloads : 4892

DVD-Cloner 2019 16.20 Build 1445
DVD-Cloner is an advance tool through which copies of DVD can be made and content can be burned to supported discs. It is an efficient product by Open Cloner that is capable of transferring data between DVD-5 and DVD-9 discs.
Update : 03-09-2019 | Category : Multimedia
System : Windows | Language : English | Downloads : 807

ProgDVB 7.27.1
ProgDVB is a great choice for those people who do not have access to Radio or Televisions but want to watch and listen to different channels and stations. It catches live streaming of these channels via satellite and then shows it on the attached devices in good quality of voice and graphics. It is better to have a good internet connection, and the memory of your system should not be filled up too much, to have good results. It is a recommended choice for watching NEWS, TV shows, and movies.
Update : 03-09-2019 | Category : Video Players
System : Windows | Language : English | Downloads : 670

Wondershare Filmora 9.0.8
Wondershare Filmora is a useful video editing application. Using its myriad of functions, you can enhance the quality of short movies or video clips. You can apply creative effects, add personalized music tracks, and control the speed of video content. You can also convert videos into desired formats so as to make them compatible with your smart devices. It offers functionalities that are suitable for beginners as well as pro users. This app is one of the most popular video editors. It’s a licensed tool, but its trial version is available for free for a limited duration.
Update : 03-08-2019 | Category : Video Editors
System : Windows | Language : English | Downloads : 4186

Audacity 2.3.1 Stable

Audacity 2.3.1 Stable

audacityteam - 19.3MB - comments
Audacity is an efficient audio recording and editing tool. It offers support for a myriad of file formats. You can record audio, edit sound files, mix sounds, and enhance their quality by applying different effects. This free software is compatible with Windows OS and you can translate it to more than 35 languages. The Audacity Team launched this application in 2000 and now it has become the top choice of many users. The developer team frequently releases its updated versions with better functionalities. Its functions are packed in an attractive yet user-friendly GUI. So, it won’t be difficult for you to understand its functions.
Update : 03-08-2019 | Category : Multimedia
System : Windows | Language : English | Downloads : 4888

Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate
Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate is a user friendly tool through which videos can be imported from different sources and converted into high quality formats. It contains a video editor to improve quality before conversion. A built-in media player displays its output preview. You can also transfer media to mobile devices and can burn it on DVDs.
Update : 03-09-2019 | Category : Video Editors
System : Windows | Language : English | Downloads : 1033

Corel VideoStudio 2019
Corel VideoStudio is an advanced yet suitable application for video editing. It offers high level options for advanced users along with the basic video options that new users too can use. The users can gain expertise of the tool in a less time. It is an appropriate option to convert your small videos to complete documentaries and to add various effects and animations in them to make them look professional.
Update : 03-02-2019 | Category : Video Editors
System : Windows | Language : English | Downloads : 842

RealPlayer 2019
RealPlayer is a free multimedia player that supports almost all versions of Windows operating system. You can listen to your favorite music and watch videos anytime and anywhere. The developers launched the software in 1995, and now it’s available in more than 9 international languages. It’s a relatively small-sized application, so you need not worry about running out of memory space. Its latest version offers cloud functionality, and you’ll get 2GB free space on cloud service to store music audio or videos. You can access RealPlayer Cloud with Roku or Chromecast services and enjoy videos on big screen.
Update : 03-02-2019 | Category : Video Players
System : Windows | Language : English | Downloads : 852