Recent updates

paint.NET 4.1.3 – Image Editor
Paint.NET was coded using C# language in order to provide users with a more advanced tool than default Paint software. It offers various options, features and effects that are capable of creating eye catching graphics or turning your flat images to attractive ones.
Update : 10-26-2018 | Category : Graphics and Design
System : Windows | Language : English | Downloads : 1022

WordPress 5.0 Beta 1 / 4.9.8
WordPress is a blogging software through which dynamic websites can be created for different purposes. The users can avail the opportunity in the form of where the developed websites can be hosted. By using its various features, the developers can easily customize the website functions and look according to their needs and can control the activities more efficiently.
Update : 10-26-2018 | Category : Internet
System : Windows | Language : English | Downloads : 629

CCleaner 5.48.6834 Professional Plus
CCleaner is a free utility program that helps you clean your PC and thereby, enhance its performance. Its free version comes equipped with a plethora of features and is suitable for personal use. However, if you want to use it for business purposes, it’s best to buy its paid version. It’s a popular application that can efficiently get rid of junk files and optimize your system to ensure quality performance. You can also customize the application to fit your needs. Since its setup process is simple and straightforward, you can download and install the software in no time.
Update : 10-26-2018 | Category : Cleaners
System : Windows | Language : English | Downloads : 55283

ZoneAlarm Free Firewall 2019
Hackers keep on finding new techniques for getting access to your personal information and intruding into your system. ZoneAlarm Free is a great software suite for stopping these actions and keeping your PC safe from online attacks. It is a free tool that takes efficient security measures and provides online storage space for creating backup of your data. It automatically takes action against attacks from networks and maintains reports about its working. You can check these reports any time.
Update : 10-26-2018 | Category : Antivirus & Security
System : Windows | Language : English | Downloads : 596

VIPRE Advanced Security for Home
VIPRE Advanced Security for Home 2018 provides a complete solution against viruses and malware without slowing down your machine. The current version of this software now has acquaintances analysis of Facebook pages to identify and report the infected links, or even the “Guard Search” that allows you to safely navigate by detecting links of viruses or Trojans.
Update : 10-26-2018 | Category : Antivirus & Security
System : Windows | Language : English | Downloads : 54936

Symantec Endpoint Protection 2018
Symantec Endpoint Protection offers a set of comprehensive tools that computer administrators can utilize for identifying and healing severe virus and malware attacks. The anti-malware program is capable of detecting 25% more online threats than any other utilities available in the market. The program uses a host-based anti-malware prevention system to scan the entire computer network and prevent all potential attacks.
Update : 10-26-2018 | Category : Antivirus & Security
System : Windows | Language : English | Downloads : 497

Avira Internet Security Suite 2019
Avira Internet Security 2018 is very much effective against spyware, malware, Trojans, adware and different types of viruses. It is a customizable suite in which you can choose which components you need to download on your system. It also lets you create backup of your files to prevent data loss.
Update : 10-26-2018 | Category : Antivirus & Security
System : Windows | Language : English | Downloads : 4698

Vivaldi 2.1 Build 1337.36 – Final
Vivaldi is a flexible web browser that fulfills user needs with a large variety of functions. Almost every aspect of the application can be customized as per preferences. The browsing experience is made quicker with fast access to favorite pages and a specialized button for returning to home screen.
Update : 10-25-2018 | Category : Browsers
System : Windows | Language : English | Downloads : 5013

WinZip 23.0 Build 13300
WinZip is a useful file management utility. It can aid you in compressing files, managing archive folders, and unpacking files as and when needed. It’s a freeware that was launched in early 1991 to facilitate computer users. Its intuitive user interface makes it a great choice for pros as well as novice users. This application is available for Windows PC and you can translate it in various languages as per your choice. This file archiver is small-sized and can work on limited system resources. It can help you organize files and easily share them via Email after compressing them.
Update : 10-25-2018 | Category : Utilities
System : Windows | Language : English | Downloads : 7623

Google Chrome 70.0.3538.77 Stable
The design of Google Chrome makes it safe for the user when browsing since It has inbuilt phishing and malware protection, with auto updates the program is updated with the latest security updates hence keeping the user’s computer free of viruses, malware, Trojans, and worms. With sandbox capability malware, from one tab cannot be transferred to the next or any other tab.
Update : 10-25-2018 | Category : Internet
System : Windows | Language : English | Downloads : 89137