FTP Clients

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FileZilla FTP Client is a cross platform application that has a graphical user interface. It supports FTP, SFTP and FTPS protocols for sharing files with your friends. You can downloa


SmartFTP is a desktop application compatible with XP and later versions of Windows operating system. It is a file sharing client with facility for using multiple network protocols tha


FlashFXP is FTP file client from Open Sight Software. Available in over 20 languages, this Windows supported program allows for secure transfer of files both by server-to-server and client-to-server.


As the name suggests, Core FTP is the client of FTP that is a well-known file transfer protocol. In order to make the process of file sharing more secure, an additional support for SS


SecureFX is a paid tool developed by VanDyke Software Team. It is an efficient application that enables users to share data and files over internet. The evolution of internet has made


Windows Secure Copy, commonly known as WinSCP, is an advanced computer application that was developed in 2000 to facilitate users with secure transfer of information between a local system and a remot


TurboFTP is a handy tool that makes the process of transferring files much easier and faster for its users. It allows you to readily connect your PC to a port or server and upload or


JaSFTP - Gain access to and handling files on remote file systems has been made more easy and secure by the introduction of FTP, JaSFTP the latest in the offering. JaSFTP is basically