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Bitdefender Total Security comes with an antivirus, antispam, firewall and privacy along with Tune up, Update, Safebox, File encryption and Safego that makes it very protective and trustworthy. The program’s interface is very easy as even a non experienced user will be able to understand all its features. You can also adjust the displaying of most used functions so that you don’t need to scroll down and search for them. These functions include scanning, updating and firewall setting that needs to be done regularly.

Software details

Windows 10 / Windows 7 / Windows 8

Software description

Bitdefender Total Security 2019 is the latest version of BitDefender’s security product lines, which leaves little to be desired when it comes to functionality. It is a combination of all the offerings of company’s Internet Security products and BitDefender AntiVirus Plus with some extra features, which only it provides. If you are already using BitDefender, then you must be wondering what new and special features it has to offer. But before that, let’s first talk about the installation process of BitDefender Total Security.

First you need to download Bitdefender Total Security from their official website and install the program that only takes few minutes. While installation, you can choose the hard drive where you want to install it, disable program modules or enter proxy settings that you would like to do. After installation, the program runs autopilot by default that helps to stop security alerts and prompts immediately, however you can choose to disable autopilot and manage every prompt and issue manually.

Looking for minimum device protection or the total fortress protection? I give you the Bitdefender Total Security. Having a vast array of protective features, Bitdefender Total Security is a top of the line antivirus which you can use to protect your devices either Windows, Android or macOS. With a clean and naive interface the antivirus offers quick comprehensive scans of the system using overall minimum system performance, it is easily customizable in various aspects and also has the automatic protection for beginners.

If you have multiple computers this should be your product, as it has a multi protect feature. some of the other additional features in the Bitdefender total Security are webcam protection, an anti-theft feature that protects your information if the device would be stolen or lost by either wiping or locating it, parental control, and an optimizer cleanup utility that cleans junk files and speeds up the system. All this above the normal malware and spyware protection.

Features BitDefender
The antivirus function of the BitDefender Total Security is extremely faster and better in functionality than any of the other industry has to offer. It has the auto scan feature than scans any removable drive attached to the computer without askingyou’re your command. It also has real time protection, which scans the files whenever you try to access them. Scan options include full, quick, custom and vulnerability module that checks application and windows updates and weak user passwords that requires to be changed.

The vulnerability scan feature is very accommodating as missing patches and updates are the main reason why Windows gets affected by malware. It automatically checks for critical and regular Windows Updates and plugins for programs like web browsers, Java applications and Skype.

With Bitdefender Total Security, you can also control your kids’ online activity as you can monitor social networking sites like Facebook and lock other websites that are age and category based. Other than that, its file encryption and password protection ability is very trustworthy so you don’t have to worry about your online transaction being viewed by any other personnel or your digital identity.

Its safe browsing function helps you to find out whether the website is harmful for your computer or not. You can also protect your useful data with its reliable file backup and sync functionality. And one of the best features BitDefender Total Security has to offer is its Antitheft ability that can prevent your laptops and netbooks in case if it gets stolen or lost.

Bitdefender Total Security Features:
• Blocks viruses, spyware & spam
• Halts ID theft attempts
• Filters the links you receive from your Facebook and Twitter friends
• Keeps kids safe with cutting-edge parental controls
• Online backup
• Tunes up your PC for optimal speed & performance

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