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SyncBack synchronizes files and folders quickly and reliably. With this freeware you can backup copies and keep the important data and can save them at any location. The freeware scans all the files easily and modify the data to the appropriate folder on the destination drive.

Software details

Windows 10

Software description

Copy jobs can be defined as profiles, where you can determine whether Syncback to synchronize changes in both directions. Also an FTP server or a zip archive can serve as a backup target.

Know the software

A backup can be done with SyncBack also on external hard drives, memory cards, CDs and DVDs, network drives, or on an FTP server.  It is also possible to create several profiles, for example, for documents, pictures, music, or movies. During the first session of the backup, SyncBack free copies only the newly added and modified files all files from the source to the destination folder, in the second round. The user can request a schedule to be set automatically using SyncBack backup.

The ability of the software to filter file types is useful. So, the user can selectively adjust SyncBack and exclude certain folders or file types from backup. In addition to the freeware version, advanced, paid versions of the software are available from the software developer.

More features include:

  1. Create a synchronization profile
  2. Backup and recovery
  • Automatic closing of the program

The latest version offers additional enhanced features:

  1. SMTP encryption now even in the freeware version
  2. Run profiles without change
  • New scheduler option
  1. Auto recovery wizard checkup.
  2. New option for copying a short file name

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